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Reading and accessing content has changed beyond recognition over the years. Books, Magazines and others increasingly become disappeared from the public glare and from the physical world. Now, accessing different content becomes digitalized. In other words, content is published to the internet more and more. The emergences of superior quality devices like the Tablet and Smart Phone, which are rightly suited for accessing the content from the internet, were behind the change in access of content. Simply, publishing has become digitalized, so is the access. This is not limited to a few parts of the world only, but a global phenomenon. Importantly, its also catching up across the age groups. Now the digital reading is introduced as early as school days. The biggest university libraries have become sleek too; all the books are of the same libraries are available over the online. The digitalization process influenced the magazine publication, along with the online publication.

Magazines are one of the most dominating and popular publications. These cover a lot of area concerning each and every aspect of the life to various disciplines of science and technology. It is these, which spread the latest developments in each and every field, including that of Socio, Political and Economic. Of course the fashion and lifestyle, and film magazines are more popular for the across the spectrum interest in them.

Such a popular magazine has experienced decline in the readership and revenue generations when the information and communication revolution made the various content available easily over the internet. The development of right softwares to publish magazines to a variety of newly emerged electronic devices opened new avenues to reach out to more and to reverse the continuously declining trend. The digital editions also offered increased revenue from multiple advertisings, including that of text, audio and videos. All these helped the magazine publishing see a turn around.

Its easy to Create Digital Magazine from the optimized, print ready PDF with the help of flipping book software. The software allows adding choicest features to the online edition, including that of page indexing, search for specific content and page flipping. Also enables integration of social bookmarking and social media optimization for a better traffic attraction. The same software also helps to reach out the customers directly with apps. The digital magazines can be accessed on a range of devices, without ever losing the contact with it. Even while on the go, so it provides for a better engagement and more advertising revenue.

Financial Infidelity What Is It

Although many are not familiar with the term financial infidelity, it has increasingly become a problem in many households across America. So what exactly is financial infidelity? Financial Infidelity occurs when one person in a committed relationship spends or hides money without disclosing it to their partner.

Like sexual infidelity, financial infidelity can destroy one’s marriage. Money problems are known to be one of the leading contributors to divorce. Financial infidelity happens to be at the top of the list of money problems that lead to divorce. Shockingly, Jennifer Brand, a family law specialist in Philadelphia, stated -I see more cases of divorce caused by financial infidelity than I do from sexual infidelity.-

So how many people out there are actually lying to their spouses about money? The numbers are surprisingly high. In a recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive, the following results were revealed:

Approximately 1 out of 3 people admit to lying to their partners about finances
One in Four people state that their partners have withheld financial information
Three out of Four people surveyed stated that they fight at least occasionally about money
One in Four adults believe that financial infidelity is worse than sexual infidelity
96% of the group surveyed reported that it is both partners’ responsibility to be completely honest about financial issues.

The results indicate that financial infidelity is a serious problem. As one can imagine, any form of dishonesty in a relationship can lead to serious trust issues. Those trust issues can ultimately break down the emotional connection needed to make a relationship last. The reality is that the effects of financial infidelity on a relationship are no different and oftentimes worse than sexual infidelity. If you are having a problem with being completely honest around your finances with your partner or are having problems getting over financial infidelity in your relationship, you should consider working with a financial therapist.

Nikiya Spence is a licensed psychotherapist, certified money coach, and speaker. Nikiya specializes in helping individuals and couples transform their relationship with money. Visit her website at or call 770-638-7145 for a free 30-minute no obligation consultation.

Video Match Stories

When it arrives to entertaining for me, you can’t get a lot better than participating in a great video clip recreation.
I have been a gamer for as very long as I can don’t forget, and for good explanation! It can be a great deal of enjoyable to decide a video game up and perform it and really dive into the tale and the people and see the place the tale goes. Even for video games that do not have much of a story, like the first Sonic the Hedgehog trilogy, it’s usually fun to me to play the sport and make up aspects to the tale, if I should, to make it more satisfying.

I’m the kind of guy, or at the very least was when I was young, that I could get a Sonic toy and go nuts earning all forms of adventures for him that countinued exterior of the primary game, and in a way I under no circumstances genuinely shed it. I can get pleasure from the game and place it down right after the story has come to its conclude, but I’ve normally been the variety of man that says “what occurs now?” Very well fortunately I am not the only just one who has an desire in continuing the story, for a large amount of the games I’m into have different publications and comics that carry on the place a particular activity story may possibly have still left off.

Or there may possibly even be a book that serves as a prequel to the principal sport that I may possibly have played, and that truly adds so much to the tale and would make the match additional enjoable to me.
I really like the fact that Sonic the Hedgehog, even though obtaining a whole lot of pleasurable game titles, has a great deal of other methods to get pleasure from the story and truly go the character over and above the game titles. I have comics of Sonic the Hedgehog that are pleasurable and increase so a lot to the activity tale. I also have Sonic toys, Sonic shirts and hats, and a DVD of the outdated Sonic cartoons.

It really is genuinely a blast to me, to see and get pleasure from the story in other strategies then just by enjoying the video games. The games are the purpose I like and want the other merchandise, but the simple fact that it is so great to me truly will help in my pursuit of these points. I have actually gotten into Tomb Raider lately, since of my new spouse, and I enjoy that not only does each individual match inform a terrific tale and is entertaining, but there is also publications series and comics that you can invest in and go through to assistance conect right with the story to hold it going.

Mass Outcome also is a series that I am a main lover of that has books, toys, and unique items that proceeds the story. And the list goes on and on.
A person issue that has usually stood fairly strongly with me is earning your individual story with the characters or athletes. For instance, I might just take my diecast NASCAR stock autos and make NASCAR the way I wished to, creating myself a driver and my pals along with me, and changing how the history appeared.

In addition to using toys I might also use my creativity and make matters the way I would like them, producing the characters and tale of Kingdom Hearts run into Sonic the Hedgehog and so on. But which is not all for me, specifically with a tiny assist. Video games like Little Large World for Playstation 3 give you the resources and skills to make not only your have characters, or kinds based on personal favorites like Sonic, but you can even engage in in worlds that are dependent on game titles like Tomb Raider or Sonic!

I am a Main enthusiast of that component, that you can essentially proceed your enjoy for a specific video clip activity outdoors its have online games. I have no difficulty savoring video video games for what they are and loving the tale, but I’ve normally preferred and been a huge fan of the activity continuing in some for or trend, so it is seriously enjoyment to know that there are books, toys, dresses, and even other video clip games that make that a probability.

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Desert Varnish What Is It How Is It Used In Stone Carving

Desert Varnish is the dark coating on rocks originally thought to be found only on stone in arid regions. Actually it occurs worldwide and in many environments, varnishes may even exist on Mars as suggested by observations on both the Viking and Mars Pathfinder landing sites. Desert Varnish occurs in many different colors and densities, from a glossy black, all shades of brown and some with orange tints. How is the varnish made? What is it composed of? How do I use this knowledge in my hand carved stone wall art?

Initially it was thought that the varnish was created by substances being drawn out of the rock, a weathering of the stone or a chemical reaction changing actual surface of the stone. Further investigation shows however that the varnish has high concentrations of clay which could only come from the outside of the stone. The clay then catches additional substances that have a chemical reaction under the heat of the sun along with a little moisture from the air mixed in to make the all different colors of varnish that is found. In the end the varnish becomes a light coating, typically less than half a millimeter thick, of minerals, clay and bacteria deposited on the stone surface.

Desert Varnish is made up of three major elements. The first is clay that adheres itself to the surface of the stone. Next let us look at the minerals which are the second part of the recipe. The region where the varnish is created greatly affects the color layered on the stone. If the region has a high concentration of manganese oxide in its mineral composition the varnish created in that area will generally be a dark color more on the glossy black side. A region that has a high concentration of iron oxide will produce browns and varnishes with an orange tint. These minerals blow around in the air with the dust and attach themselves to the clay. Add a touch of moisture, like morning dew, and combine with the heat from the sun to create the finally ingredient, bacteria. These ingredients plus anywhere from 50 to over 100 years time and you will start to see the beginnings of a coating of Desert Varnish.

Many ancient stone carvings, or petroglyphs, are found where this varnish has coated the stone surfaces all over the world. I had to take all this information into account when figuring out to recreate Desert Varnish in my studio to help perfect the creation of my wall art. When I first started stone carving I collected all the stone myself. The stone was naturally aged and many pieces did have some patina or Desert Varnish on them. When I started purchasing the stone for my carvings direct from the quarry there was no aging and therefore no contrast when I went to carve on them. I realized I needed to educate myself about how Desert Varnish is created naturally in my quest to continue stone carving.

I studied the aspects of Desert Varnish in nature and in an attempt to recreate the recipe. I also had to figure out how to hurry the whole process up. After many failures and much trial and error I found a recipe that is working well. As usual it is an ongoing experiment and holds the promise of only getting better and better outcomes. The result at this time are wonderful pieces of hand carved stone wall art that have the look and feel of Desert Varnish but the patina did not take 50 to 100 years to create.

Pottery Is The Eyes Of The Beholder

In the days of ancient Egypt, when the pharaohs rule the Nile and Osiris lorded over them, and before the age of the Maoist communism in China way back in the age of great dynasties and divided kingdoms there was one distinct craft that was considered the toast of kings and queens.

In those times the streets are filled and lined up with all sorts of creations by different master that acclaim for themselves the right to be called master potter.

From days of long ago when the art of pottery was considered to be the greatest career anyone could ever venture and the pottery techniques are solely-owned by one family.

Just like martial arts in some parts of the Asian region where they pass on to the next generation of the family lines the secret technique that can be found in their martial arts, potters have handed down from generation to generation the secret to what makes their pots stand out from the other.

And from generation to generation the secret to pottery making has been a closely guarded knowledge up until the time when commercial pottery has taken over the good old hand made pots, vases, jars and other products of pottery.

Today’s way of life has taken off by leaps and bounds and the way we see pottery has greatly deteriorated from the time of the great kings. Potters nowadays rides a broomstick, waves his magic wand, has an owl for a pet and plays an out of this world game where you can literally die.

The good years of the art of pottery has taken a back seat to a different kind of potter. Sad as it is children, even adults at this time never really recognize the historical and cultural impact of pottery in our society.

Besides being one of the oldest means of livelihood in the post cavemen society, pottery speaks about the kind of life that an early civilization has. Pottery in ancient China was one of the major industries back then.

Palaces were adorned with all shapes, sizes and kinds of pottery. Yet, unlike the crude concoction of mud and water baked until golden brown or dried under done for a day, the Chinese discovered the wonderful use of ceramic. Chinawarewhich is what it’s commonly called nowadaysis the pioneer product of the pottery world.

Chinaware is intricately designed with scenery and calligraphy. Potteries during the age of the dynasties are abundant because of the diverse cultural influence of the Chinese.

Unlike in the pottery in ancient Egypt, where everything was either made from red clay or dyed red and then painted on designs with the juice of berries and trees, Chinese pottery has reached a certain level of sophistication when it comes to production process.

Pottery are not just crudely placed on a rotating wheel, shaped to a certain form, and afterwards baked in the sun. Pottery making in china offered not just a view at the kinds of industries they had but the kind of culture that they have developed.

And way before the western colonizers ever set sail to the Newfoundland, the Asian and the African side of the world have set up a civilization based on camaraderie and progress. And thanks to the presence of ancient pottery, these truths are realized today to give us an idea what’s it like to the pottery in the eye of the beholder.

Fast Growing Publishing Houses Offer Better Range Of Books Online

There are numerous fast growing publishing houses in India. One of them is Khurana Publishing. It has been built on the legacy of experiences in the field of printing and publishing. Decades of working in this field has enabled them to get a rich knowledge of the industry. The company also makes a supply of books and study material to various government libraries and are sought after for guides and CLAT books, novels and more. Their business is highly lucrative as students and book lovers always look out for book stores, libraries or other sources from where they can find the right material which they are looking for.

There are several websites that cater to different tastes of reading and styles of literary genres. Khhurana Publishing House is one example that offers all kinds of solutions when it comes to books and reading. Apart from educational and reference books, CLAT books, dictionaries and text documents, the website is a host for collections of classic fictional works, books dedicated to women and children, special edition works and so on. The company has mastered the forte of publishing and printing in Hindi, English and Urdu. Their very own unit of printing allows them to maintain design and quality of the books and the languages in which they are printed. They have the latest technology for the process of printing and publishing.

All their publications are sorted by categories and made available through their soft and dynamic catalogue that can be accessed on The effective online interface of this experienced publishing house is making a great use of contemporary technologies. They tend to serve a broader target market and offer more options of books. Their inventory also can be updated solely based on demands of specific novels or CLAT books for example. The buyers can enjoy browsing through endless categories of books and make a selection as per their requirement. Their collections cover endless subjects and themes and upcoming writers and researchers are also encouraged to contribute to those.

A highly skilled team of editors and proof readers who work at Khurana Publishing ensure the appropriateness of the material they publish. They are also the best option to turn to in case you are preparing for any joint entrance examinations. The commercial trading of books, retail, features of the e-commerce store and other processes are carried out within ethical guidelines. Shopping at the site is extremely simple and facilitates a time saving experience for the buyers.

CREATIVE DIRECTOR Patrick Kinmonth Part 1

From fashion campaigns to opera sets, Patrick Kinmonth is a modern-day renaissance man. Now he’s turned his hand to directing!

Curator, painter, writer, stylist, art director, designer – Patrick Kinmonth is one of the most prolific creatives of today, yet his name, for many, is still relatively unknown. Certainly, you will have felt the touch of his artistic sensibilities; perhaps you saw the Anglo Mania exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, on which Anna Wintour asked him to act as creative consultant, or maybe you visited the immaculate Valentino retrospectives he designed in Rome and Paris. (If you didn’t, fear not, for in his studio sits a model for its planned arrival at Somerset House next year.) His work has been seen again and again in the pages of Vogue-, a former member of staff, Kinmonth has been instrumental in shaping the careers of many Vogue photographers and has worked on projects for Burberry, Prada, Gucci, Versace, Calvin Klein and others. His aesthetic reach even extends to the stage, where he has been responsible for the design of numerous operas and ballets at some of the world’s most prestigious opera houses. “Patrick takes multi-tasking to new levels,” observes Anna Wintour. “At any given moment he might be writing an evocative magazine article, designing a museum exhibition that will challenge the way we think about the history of fashion, art directing a global advertising campaign for a fashion brand, or designing and directing opera. And in his downtime he will be inventing more garden fantasies for his magical house in the English countryside. He is truly a renaissance man for the twenty-first century.”

Kinmonth is one of that rare breed of artists who are happy to admit that they find greater freedom and creative stimulation in working with other people. Yet his latest incarnation – as a director – may change all that. This month he follows successful productions of Madame Butterfly and Samson and Delilah with an even bigger undertaking – a performance of Bach’s St Matthew Passion with Vocal Futures, a charitable foundation which aims to entice a younger audience to the opera, and opens with a performance in an old concrete laboratory hidden away in Marylebone. At last, it seems, he is assuming his place centre stage.

Walking around the light, airy studio the 54-year-old inhabits in Chelsea, one is struck immediately by the diversity of his work: stacks of books, scale models of forthcoming exhibitions, tubes of paint and posters for opera productions all clamour for his attention. Kinmonth, currently tanned a deep mahogany after a holiday in Ibiza with his friend Mario Testino, is immaculately dressed in a crisp white shirt and blazer – in which a pocket square is placed just so. After graduating from Oxford with a first-class English degree, Patrick’s first ambition was to become a painter. His path was diverted, however, when a chance entry into the Vogue Talent Contest in the early Eighties led him to a position as arts editor He turned his hand to everything, from writing to photography sittings to styling. “Vogue applied me wherever it felt the ointment was necessary,” he observes drily. A calm, authoritative presence, he is charming, speaking with care and consideration in a clipped accent, every sentence littered with references that demonstrate his encyclopedic knowledge of art, music and fashion.

Best Ways To Cut Leather

Leather is a tough and durable substance, and it can be very difficult to cut. The various ways to cut leather include a straight edge, a utility knife, a leather shears, a rotary knife, a mallet cutting die, a clicker die, or a laser cutting system.

A pattern is the first step in precisely cutting leather. To make a customized pattern, draw a design on paper with a pencil or use a computer drawing program. Lay the paper pattern on the leather piece. Start out cutting with either a straight edge utility knife or a rotary cutter. A rotary cutter is effortless to use and if used the right way, it results in a clean edge. Safety warning: This tool has an exceedingly sharp blade and should be used with care. Keep the rotary cutter, and all sharp cutting tools away from small children. Cut your leather using the rotary cutter, using a self-healing cutting mat beneath the leather. These mats keep your table or counter surface from being damaged by the cutter.

A Leather shears is a industrial scissors that usually has serrated blades, and it is able to cut soft or even heavy strap leather. A good quality leather shears will cut through most leathers with simplicity.

The razor utility, swivel knife or hobby knife pertains generally to cutting tools and more specifically to cutting tools that are engaged in leather craft. Conventional hand cutting tools that are generally utilized by hobbyists and others occupied in the art of decorative leather tooling typically consist knife-like blades fixedly and permanently mounted within a holder that is accommodated for manual operation by the user.

Strap cutter is an changeable wooden cutting tool that cuts parallel strips of leather from part of a hide. It works equally well with heavy strap leather or soft garment leather. It is able to cut 16 oz. leather into 4″ straps or soft suede into ” strips.

A clicker press is a machine that cuts shapes out of rolls of soft material, such as rubber, cardboard, or leather, using a sharp metal piece called a die. A metal tool and die shop will take a pattern, and bend, weld and form pre-sharpened steel into a die. A cutting die is commonly a steel cutting tool to be used with a clicker press. Cutting dies are appropriate for cutting paper, leather, rubber, plastic and more including envelope cutting dies, label cutting dies, clicker dies, window dies, punch dies, gasket cutting dies, washer dies, trimming dies, high dies, threaded punch dies, rotary panel cutters, corner blades, strap dies and more.

Leather is increasingly cut by laser. Laser leather cutting is a highly skilled job. The operator will program the design to be cut by the laser cutting machine. Cutting leather in this method may be a time consuming exercise. The leather cut by laser is extremely accurate, and true to your pattern.

There are many different methods for cutting leather, which is a tough, durable, and difficult to cut material. For the small manufacturer a clicker or mallet cutting die would increase production. The larger manufacturer usually uses clicker dies or a laser cutting system for its leather cutting. For the home craftsman, the best ways to cut leather would include the leather shears, the utility knife and straight edge.

Distance Learning Becomes Easier with IGNOU Books

IGNOU or Indira Gandhi National Open University is a formal institution that provides a unique educational method. This university offers various distance learning programs both in Bachelors and Masters Degree and is very beneficial for students opting for online education. Housewives and employees can take up any course sitting at home and pursue their education. For these courses it is not necessary to attend regular classes and one need worry about the course contents too. This concept is gaining a lot of demand and this university offers ignou online courses for learning from the comfort of home. The contents of the course are available both in text and video system. This university has been providing education in every discipline and provides dedicated services in the field of education. It plays a significant role in the expansion of education all over the country. The ignou online courses are offered in many places all over the country and even in international countries like the Middle East. The ignou online courses are the best way to continue regular studies at one’s own flexible hours. Some of the ignou online courses includes PhD in Journalism, Certificate Program in Spanish Language, M.A in Mass Communication, Post Graduate Certificate in Cyber Law and many other such courses. One can gain a lot of information about their syllabus from the ignou help books. These ignou help books are guides which provide them help to appear for the ignou exams and in their day to day studies. They provide these ignou help books for the students in every field be it agriculture, engineering, foreign languages, humanities or technology.

The ignou help books are available for different courses and subjects which include MA Hindi, MA English, Tourism, Journalism, Care& Education, BPP and many others. They are easy to study and understand the syllabus,s in order to prepare onself for the exams. Distance learning has become very easy with these ignou help books which can be obtained through VPP and the cash for the books can be given on delivery of the books. It takes about 15 days to receive the books and in case the books are needed earlier one can make the payment online and receive the books through fast courier service within 7 days after the date of ordering the books.

The ignou helpline is basically formed for the students. The ignou helpline provides assistance, help and guidance related to issues about the ignou courses, reference books, study material, guides, sample question papers, question bank date sheet, and assignments. The ignou helpline has been specifically designed for the existing Ignou students as well as for students who are planning to join the university. This initiative of ignou helpline is supported by Neeraj publications free of cost for the benefit of the students to continue higher studies. The ignou helpline is a private helpline site and was basically set up for the IGNOU students where they can ask their queries as regards previous question papers, reference books, guide books and sample papers.

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Three Ways To Enhance Your Relationship With A Hot Tub – Hot Tubs Ankeny, Portable Spas Ames

Walk through the aisles of any bookstore and youll likely find countless authors giving advice on how to enhance a relationship. Counseling, couples therapy, joining a gym together – all great ideas, but who has the time or the willpower to endure these types of remedies? How about fostering a better relationship by doing something that the two of you will enjoy, even look forward to? Here are three ways to enhance your relationship by simply relaxing in a hot tub.

No. 1: Reconnect – Through no fault of our own, our lives are pretty busy. Most of us work, take care of a family and spread ourselves thin when it comes to finding time to connect with a significant other. Unfortunately, its easy to drift apart and many of us lose sight of why we wanted to connect to begin with. Twenty minutes in the hot tub together is an easy way to rekindle those deep emotional feelings that brought the two of you together in the first place. Its a non-threatening environment where relaxation, comfort and calm replace the hectic, fast pace of lifes stresses. Warm, massaging water soothes away tension, making a loving connection easy and natural.

No. 2: Communicate – Another curse of a busy schedule, with negative impact on a healthy relationship is sheer mental exhaustion and the number one reason why couples fail to communicate. Not talking to one another creates divides which are difficult to bridge, causing discontent and dissatisfaction. Yet finding the time and energy to really talk uninterrupted is a challenge many couples simply cannot overcome. A few times a week in the hot tub and conversation, laughter and memories replace busy silence. With no distraction from cell phones, computers or television, the hot tub is the sanctuary every couple needs to incite meaningful conversation.

No. 3: Reignite the Flame – Is there anything more romantic than warm, massaging water and skin on skin contact? For most couples, its nearly impossible to sit together in a hot tub without feeling sensual and physical. The perfect way to reignite a flame, using a hot tub for romance is by far the easiest, most effective way to rekindle a romance or turn up the heat on a stale relationship. Relaxing and responding to one another in a healthy, positive way can only lead to a more fulfilling relationship.

For many couples, finding the time, energy and motivation to keep a relationship healthy and strong is a real challenge. With the hectic, high stress lifestyles many of us live, our relationships suffer the most. Luckily, using a hot tub is an easy and effective way to reconnect, promote communication and reignite the passion.

To help people understand how hydrotherapy can help improve overall health and well-being, we will provide free hot tub test soaks in our 5 locations during the entire month. We want to encourage local consumers to check out the benefits of a relaxing soak in an energy efficient hot tub for themselves.

Consumers wanting to find the Hot Spring Spas location nearest them are encouraged to visit the company website for more information. The website address is

About Hot Spring Spas of Minnesota and Iowa
HotSpring Spas of Minnesota and Iowa offer a large selection of new and used hot tubs and saunas for sale and a variety of hot tub, sauna, repairs, parts, and accessories. We are Minnesota’s and Iowas premier source for Hot Spring Spas and Hot Tubs, Saunatec and Finnleo Saunas, A & B Backyard Accessories, and proudly carry the SilkBalance for Spas water treatment system.